oseley Bros., Inc. is one of Champaign Urbana’s most enduring remodeling company’s.  We provide a wide array of services to the hardworking homeowner’s of this area.

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Decks, Basements & Exteriors

Recent Remodel Projects

-Bathroom Remodeling

Probably the most highly requested projects we get from our customers is to remodel their bathroom. We average approx 15 to 20 per year right here in the Urbana Champaign area.

-Kitchen Remodeling

Our number two request we get from customers is to remodel their kitchens. On average we remodel approx 5 to 10 kitchens each year.

-Attic Conversion

Right now - one of the projects we are working on here in Champaign is an attic conversion. We have done a few of these projects over the years but requests are rare.

-Basement Finishing

We have done several basement finishing projects over the years. This type of project can really have an impact on the homeowner in that we are actually converting basement space into fully functional living space. From old dark damp basements to bright livable space.

-Windows and Doors

We find ourselves constantly replacing old door and windows. This type of work keeps us busy between the larger remodeling projects.

-Exterior Repairs

We also find that a lot of homeowners in this area need to have their soffits, fascia, siding, etc.... repaired from time to time.

-New Additions

Over the last few years we have done several room additions. Since most homeowners are staying put, they may need more space and adding another room is a popular request.

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